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The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the most accessible and versatile electric surfboard. It has been designed to provide an easy, stable and controlled first ride but offers the optimal platform to grow and learn with the board until the riders master cruising, carving and other tricks.


The Awake VINGA 3 is the quickest to handle and most versatile electric hydrofoil, the board has been created to accompany new users from their very first ride to mastering cruising & carving. 30 seconds to set up, 5 minutes to fly, you’ll be cruising within the 1st session. The fastest way to become an eFoiler. The ease of use is pushed to new levels in all aspects of the VINGA. The board can be assembled in just 30 seconds with the Click-to-Ride system: the snap-together locking mechanism to mount your eFoil without screws, cables, or hatches. Inexperienced users will fly on the hydrofoil in only a few minutes, the 95 liters volume is intentionally distributed to accompany beginners through every step of their progression. Riders will enjoy a 5’6” double concave hull that is compact and playful, helping everyone grasp this sport. Safety features such as the shielded jet propulsion, soft rails, and rounded wings ensure extra safety, smooth recoveries, and control for the rider.